Overhead Crane Companies in Indiana

Indiana may be known for the Indianapolis 500, but this Midwestern state also finishes on top when it comes to overhead crane companies.

In nearly all areas of the state, there is a vast number of overhead crane manufacturers who specialize in designing, engineering, and building these types of industrial cranes.

Likewise, a large number of overhead crane distributors and overhead crane suppliers not only represent leading crane manufacturers, but also provide a wide array of overhead crane services.

As one of the eight states comprising the Great Lakes region, many of these overhead crane businesses serve the states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky.

This list of overhead crane companies in Indiana serves as a comprehensive guide to the vast resources available to those needing material lifting equipment.

Overhead Crane Companies in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Terre Haute and Surrounding Area

Brehob Corporation

1334 S. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46225

Phone: 317-231-8080

The manufacturer and supplier of overhead bridge cranes was established in 1953 to build, sell, service, and repair overhead cranes. The company’s product line includes single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead bridge cranes. Services provided by Brehob Corporation include 24-hour emergency overhead crane service, crane parts and components, and preventive maintenance programs for overhead cranes.

Crane 1 Services

2650 Roosevelt Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Phone: 317-899-2000

The supplier of bridge cranes and workstation overhead cranes specializes in custom built overhead bridge crane runway systems to meet your specifications. In addition to engineering and fabrication services, Crane 1 Services provides emergency and planned overhead crane repairs, preventive maintenance programs for bridge cranes and runway systems, safety and OSHA compliant inspections, and training and safety programs for overhead crane operators.


1345 Brookville Way, Suite E

Indianapolis, IN 46239

Phone: 317-546-8122

Serving the Indianapolis metropolitan area, the lifting equipment company provides and services overhead cranes. Among its product line are automated overhead cranes, industrial overhead cranes, custom process bridge cranes, and built-up overhead cranes. In addition, Konecranes offers preventive maintenance and overhead crane inspections.

Hoosier Crane Service Company

5815 Churchman Avenue #2

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Phone: 317-482-7300 or 800-509-6131

Since 2002, this branch office of the family-owned, Indiana-based Hoosier Crane manufacturer has been providing overhead crane services and support. The Hoosier Crane Service Company Indianapolis location provides overhead crane design and engineering, sales of overhead cranes and parts, scheduled maintenance, overhead crane OSHA inspections and load testing, overhead crane operator training, and 24/7 on-call emergency crane repairs.

Wynright Corporation

5726 Professional Circle #200

Indianapolis, IN 46241

Phone: 317-240-3400

A full-service distributor and manufacturer of industrial cranes, this regional office provides solutions to meet your overhead material handling needs. Since 1972, Wynright Corporation, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America, has been providing lightweight, manual overhead cranes and heavy-duty, motor-driven overhead cranes.

Compliance Crane Services

5508 Elmwood Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Phone: 317-784-3400 or 800-662-0197

The manufacturer, service and repair company for overhead cranes and other lifting equipment offers a wide range of overhead crane options and designs, and also builds tailor made overhead crane systems. Products produced include single and double girder overhead cranes in top running or underhung configurations, goliath and semi-goliath overhead crane designs, and automated custom cranes. Compliance Crane Service also offers 24/7 crane service, OSHA and ANSI crane inspections, testing and certifications, overhead crane safety training programs, and preventive maintenance programs.

Smock Material Handling

3420 Park Davis Circle

Indianapolis, IN 46235

Phone: 317-890-3200

Founded in 1970, the distributor of material handling equipment carries a line of overhead handling products. The family-owned business represents numerous overhead crane companies, including Spanco and Demag. Smock Material Handling also designs and manufactures material handling systems.

CraneWerks, Inc.

511 N. Range Line Road

Morristown, IN 46161

Phone: 888-544-2121

The manufacturer of overhead cranes builds top running bridge cranes and underhung bridge cranes in both single girder and double girder styles. The company, which sells its products through dealers, also manufactures industrial overhead crane systems, workstation cranes, overhead traveling cranes, and freestanding bridge cranes. Founded in 1997, CraneWerks, Inc., also provides field services that include crane repair and maintenance, installations, OSHA specified inspections, load testing, overhead crane retrofits, runway and bridge surveys, and crane parts and crane, hoist and below hook components. The company also provides overhead crane inspector training classes.

Harriman Material Handling

P.O. Box 357

Morristown, IN 46161

Phone: 765-763-8985 or 800-203-9176

Established in 1963, the full line material handling distributor sells and services overhead bridge cranes, crane runways, and hoists, as well as runway and bridge cranes custom built to your specifications. Harriman Material Handling sells underhung crane types that include single girder manual bridge cranes, single girder motorized bridge cranes, and enclosed track workstation bridge cranes. Top running crane types include single girder manual bridge cranes, single girder motor driven bridge cranes, and double girder bridge cranes. Open 24-hours, the company also provides crane parts, overhead crane retrofits, preventive maintenance, overhead bridge crane inspection and testing, and 24/7/365 emergency repair.

Service Crane Company

511 N Range Line Road

Morristown, IN 46161

Phone: 765-763-8950 or 800-761-1017

A supplier of bridge cranes and runway systems, the company sells both single and double girder bridge cranes in underhung and top running styles. Bridge crane runway types include freestanding, top running workstation, knee braced, or header braced; semi-freestanding, top running, free standing, underhung, ceiling mounted, underhung, ceiling mounted, or enclosed rail; and free standing, enclosed rail. Service Crane Company also carries a line of remanufactured and replacement overhead bridge crane parts, and provides bridge crane equipment installation, maintenance services, OSHA bridge crane inspections, load tests, runway surveys, and emergency repair.

Gurman Container & Supply Corporation

800 North 3rd Street

Terre Haute, IN 47807

Phone: 800-448-7626

The woman-owned family business founded in 1922 is a container and material handling supplier serving Indiana and the Midwest. Its hoist and cranes product line includes overhead cranes, in particular bridge crane and runway systems. The options available include top running and overhung overhead bridge cranes, with or without runways, with capacities up to 10 tons. Gurman Container & Supply Corporation also sells push bridge crane kits and bridge crane end truck kits.

Overhead Crane Companies in Fort Wayne and Surrounding Area


1930 Lakeview Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Phone: 260-436-2325 or 800-624-6860

The branch location of Bohl Crane, which has manufactured cranes since 1926, supplies the company’s product line, which includes single and double girder bridge cranes. The overhead cranes are built to meet your loading, clearance, height, and coverage requirements. Bohl also supplies bridge crane parts and accessories, and offers crane repair, inspection, maintenance, and overhead crane training.

Hoosier Crane Service Company

1604 E Berry Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Phone: 260-582-2223 or 800-509-6131

A branch office of Indiana’s Hoosier Crane manufacturer, it serves the Fort Wayne Metro area by providing overhead crane service and support throughout Allen County. In addition to overhead crane sales, the Hoosier Crane Service Company Fort Wayne location stocks repair parts for overhead cranes and hoists. The branch office also provides 24/7 overhead crane emergency repair service.

Brehob Corporation

6403 Highview Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Phone: 260-490-5237

Since 1953, the overhead bridge crane manufacturer has been building single and double girder cranes. Brehob Corporation also is a distributor of all overhead crane types and a crane parts supplier. Furthermore, the manufacturer and distributor provides a wide array of overhead crane services, including 24-hour emergency crane repair service and preventive maintenance programs.

Star Crane & Hoist

1500 Wohlert Street

Angola, IN 46703

Phone: 260-665-2130

The distributor for the Michigan-based company founded in 1985, Star Crane & Hoist sells overhead crane systems, including freestanding or ceiling mounted workstation bridge cranes. The distributor also supplies crane parts and components, and offers bridge crane inspections and bridge crane operator training.

J.O. Winter & Associates, Inc.

3914 Hollopeter Road, Suite B

Huntertown, IN 46748

Phone: 260-637-5511

A material handling equipment provider since 1959, the manufacturer’s representative for overhead cranes and hoists specializes in providing the best material handling equipment to meet your needs. Among the offerings from J.O. Winter & Associates, Inc., are large capacity overhead cranes, light-duty bridge cranes, and everything in between.

Royal Arc Industrial Services

640 County Road 27

Ashley, IN 46705

Phone: 260-587-3711

The manufacturer of custom overhead cranes specializes in the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of overhead cranes. Royal Arc Industrial Services, which has been serving the tristate area since 1984, also sells overhead crane and hoist parts, and provides a wide array of overhead crane services, including OSHA compliant inspections, 24/7 emergency overhead crane service, overhead crane repairs and upgrades, and crane training.

Overhead Crane Companies in Evansville and Surrounding Area


2710 Eastside Park Drive, Suite C

Evansville, IN 47715

Phone: 812-479-0488

The sales and service office of Konecranes that serves southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky sells the lifting equipment company’s industrial crane products, including overhead cranes, custom process bridge cranes, automated overhead cranes, and built-up overhead cranes. The branch office also provides overhead crane parts, crane repairs, overhead crane inspections, and overhead crane preventive maintenance.

A&A Custom Automation, Inc.

2125 Bergdolt Road

Evansville, IN 47711

Phone: 812-464-3650

Established in 1989, the full-service engineering and manufacturing company designs, engineers and builds one of a kind solutions for your material handling and lifting needs. In particular, A&A Custom Automation, Inc., focuses on overhead crane systems up to 15 tons.

Overhead Crane Companies in South Bend and Surrounding Area

Star Crane & Hoist Service – Tri State

3371 W. Cleveland Road, Suite #308

South Bend, IN 46628

Phone: 574-277-2122

As the distributor serving the tristate area of South Bend, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, Star Crane & Hoist Service supplies overhead crane systems for its Michigan-based headquarters, which has been in business since 1985. The company carries Gorbel overhead crane systems, in particular workstation bridge cranes in freestanding and ceiling mounted styles. The distributor also provides overhead bridge crane inspections, crane parts, and bridge crane operator safety training.

Paul’s Welding Inc. (PWI)

7930 West 1000 North

Nappanee, IN 46550

Phone: 855-646-2015

The distributor of overhead bridge cranes carries single girder top running bridge cranes, double girder top running bridge cranes, underhung bridge cranes, and workstation bridge cranes. In addition the company has developed the PWI ultra-lite manual bridge crane, an economical alternative to the traditional workstation bridge crane system. Established in 1979, Paul’s Welding Inc., also provides custom designed bridge crane systems, from fabrication to installation. Additional services include repairing and inspecting of cranes and hoists, and an overhead crane inspection program that complies with OSHA, ASME, NEC, and CMAA standards.

Dearborn Overhead Crane

1133 East 5th Street

Mishawaka, IN 46544

Phone: 574-259-2444 or 800-399-8712

Building overhead cranes since 1947, the family business manufactures ISO 9001 compliant bridge cranes from 100 pounds to 100 tons. Bridge cranes feature top running and underrunning styles in both single girder and double girder. Dearborn Overhead Crane also provides a wide range of overhead crane accessories, OSHA periodic inspections, operator training and crane seminars, preventive maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service.

Hoosier Crane Service Company

3500 Charlotte Avenue

Elkhart, IN 46517

Phone: 800-509-6131

The family-owned business manufactures bridge cranes, overhead crane kits, and workstation cranes. Its overhead bridge cranes are built in a variety of designs, with capacities from one ton to 160 tons. Options include top running overhead bridge cranes in single and double girder styles, underrunning overhead bridge cranes, and monorail bridge crane systems. Hoosier Crane Service Company also carries crane parts, hoists, and accessories, and offers 24/7 emergency overhead crane service, load testing, on-site overhead crane repair, and overhead crane inspections.

Overhead Crane Outlet

1133 East 5th Street

Mishawaka, IN 46544

Phone: 574-259-2444 or 800-375-1691

A division of Dearborn Overhead Crane, Overhead Crane Outlet has been manufacturing and selling overhead bridge cranes and workstation bridge cranes since 1947. Cranes are custom built to suit your material lifting needs. Types include single girder top running bridge cranes, double girder top running bridge cranes, and single girder underrunning bridge cranes with handling capacities ranging from 250 pounds to 160 tons and spans up to 150 feet. Also offered are freestanding workstation bridge cranes and ceiling mount workstation bridge cranes with capacities ranging from 250 pounds to three tons and spans up to 34 feet. The company also provides overhead crane parts for all major brands and manufacturers of overhead cranes, 24/7 overhead crane repair, overhead crane OSHA inspection, overhead crane maintenance programs, overhead crane modernization, and overhead bridge crane operator training.

Industrial Installations Incorporated

55587 Currant Road

Mishawaka, IN 46545

Phone: 574-307-6993

In business since 1986, the crane company sells industrial cranes, including double or single girder overhead bridge cranes in top running or underhung styles with motorized or push button controls. In addition, Industrial Installations Incorporated provides 24/7 emergency crane service, crane maintenance, load testing, routine and compliance crane inspections, crane repair and upgrades, and crane operator training.

Overhead Crane Companies in Carmel, Lafayette and Surrounding Area

Deshazo Crane

1022 Kendall Court #2

Westfield, IN 46074

Phone: 317-867-7677

The branch office represents the Alabama-based Deshazo, an original equipment manufacturer of overhead cranes. The company designs, manufactures, and installs overhead cranes. All of its cranes are custom built, with offerings that include top running and underrunning single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, overhead crane runway systems, and crane components. Deshazo Crane also carries OEM parts for all makes of overhead cranes and hoists, performs overhead crane and hoists periodic maintenance and inspections, offers bridge crane rebuilds and modernizations, and provides 24/7/365 overhead crane emergency repairs.

Overhead Crane Companies in Gary, Hammond and Surrounding Area

Crane 1 Services

601 E 112th Avenue

Crown Point, IN 46307

Phone: 219-663-4201

In addition to supplying overhead cranes, components, parts, and hoist equipment, Crane 1 Services provides operator and safety training programs, on-site overhead crane preventive maintenance programs, and compliance and safety inspections of all types of overhead cranes. Although the company sells bridge cranes, workstation bridge cranes, and crane runway systems, it specializes in engineering and fabricating crane runway systems that meet your specific applications. Other services include emergency repairs and planned repairs.

T&M Equipment Company, Inc.

2880 E 83rd Place

Merrillville, IN 46410

Phone: 800-552-6720

Founded in 1974, the overhead material handling distributor offers a full line of overhead cranes, either already built or custom built to your specifications, as well as hoists and crane components. Among its product line are single or double girder top running overhead cranes, single or double girder underrunning overhead cranes, and freestanding workstation bridge cranes. T&M Equipment Company, Inc., also offers crane services, including crane parts; fabrication and shop repair; modernization, upgrades, and rebuilds of overhead crane systems; crane maintenance; and overhead crane inspection.

JV Crane & Engineering

425 S. Shelby Street

Hobart, IN 46342

Phone: 219-942-8566

The engineering services and crane construction company provides design, fabrication, and installation of overhead crane systems. Additional services offered by JV Crane & Engineering include overhead crane repair, bridge crane system renovation, 24-hour emergency service, and overhead crane inspections.

Overhead Crane Companies in Columbus and Surrounding Area

International Material Handling, Inc.

806 East Randall Street

Greenburg, IN 47240

As a designer and installer of overhead cranes, International Material Handling, Inc., starts with a material handling analysis of your needs, followed by construction of the overhead crane system. Comprehensive services include system design, structural fabrication and installation, and complete systems integration.

Ergonomic Partners

1106 Cedar Circle

Georgetown, IN 47122

Phone: 502-235-2611

A division of Missouri-based Tri-State Equipment Company, the manufacturer and distributor provides a full line of overhead cranes. However, Ergonomic Partners manufactures heavy-duty top and underrunning overhead bridge cranes from 250 pounds to 100 tons and up to a 150 foot span. Options include single girder, double girder, manual, air powered, or electric bridge cranes. The company also manufactures overhead crane runway structures for new or existing buildings. In addition, the company services overhead cranes, offering OSHA compliant crane and hoist inspections and preventive maintenance programs for overhead cranes and hoists.

Out-of-State Overhead Crane Companies Serving Indiana

TimeSavers Material Handling Inc.

4 Kovach Drive, Suite 470

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Phone: 800-783-7822

The family owned business has been an authorized overhead crane distributor since 1986. TimeSavers Material Handling, Inc., represents more than 100 crane manufacturers, including those who build overhead cranes. Among the types of overhead cranes the company carries are bridge cranes and single girder and double girder cranes in top running or underrunning options.


29941 Westminster Drive

North Olmsted, OH 44070

Phone: 440-320-8514

The Indiana distributor represents Spanco, which manufactures overhead crane systems that meet or exceed industry standards and regulations. Although the company builds custom overhead cranes to your specifications and application, it also offers workstation bridge cranes in freestanding and ceiling mounted options.

Engineered Material Handling (EMH)

550 Crane Drive

Valley City, OH 44280

Phone: 330-220-8600, ext. 212

Serving the Indiana area for the Ohio headquartered designer, manufacturer, installer, and seller of overhead material handling equipment since 1988, Engineered Material Handling offers single girder and double girder top running overhead cranes, single girder underrunning overhead cranes, and custom designed overhead bridge cranes. The company also services and repairs the cranes it sells.

When it comes to material handling equipment, the overhead crane companies in Indiana can give your business the lift it needs.

Whether you need to buy a new overhead bridge crane, modernize an existing overhead crane, have your overhead crane serviced or inspected, or locate a crane supplier for parts and repairs, you’ll find an overhead crane company nearby to meet your needs.