Overhead Crane Companies in Alaska

In a state where a round-trip drive to some of its major cities require days not hours and other cities can’t even be accessed by driving, overhead crane companies still have a presence.

Since Anchorage is the major hub, that’s where you’ll find the one overhead crane company in Alaska. Remote areas are typically served by out-of-state overhead crane companies that ship their material handling equipment anywhere in the United States.

Likewise, Alaska borders British Columbia to the east, so cities close to the border may opt to do business with overhead crane companies in British Columbia, of which there are several.

This list provides the major cities of Alaska and indicates whether overhead crane companies are located there.

Also included is a listing of out-of-state companies that either serve the northwestern region of the United States or ship anywhere in the country, as well as British Columbia overhead crane companies serving Alaska.

Overhead Crane Companies in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Kenai, and Surrounding Area

Washington Crane & Hoist Co.

651 East 100th Avenue, Unit B

Anchorage, AK 99515

Phone: 907-336-6661

Founded in 1975, Washington Crane & Hoist Co. specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of overhead bridge cranes and workstation bridge cranes to meet your application. Options include single or double girder, with either top or underrunning end trucks. The company also provides overhead crane parts and services, including preventive maintenance, overhead bridge crane repairs, inspections and safety compliance, load testing, and overhead crane operator training.

Overhead Crane Companies in Fairbanks and Surrounding Area

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Overhead Crane Companies in Juneau and Surrounding Area

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Overhead Crane Companies in Sitka and Surrounding Area

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Overhead Crane Companies in Ketchikan and Surrounding Area

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Overhead Crane Companies in Kodiak and Surrounding Area

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Overhead Crane Companies in Bethel and Surrounding Area

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Out-of-State Overhead Crane Companies Serving Alaska

Precision Crane

184-1124 Fir Avenue

Blaine, WA 98230

Phone: 1-800-661-1722

The distributor serves the western region of the U.S., supplying overhead cranes manufactured by Precision and Demag. Options include top running and underrunning overhead cranes in single or double girder configurations. Established in 1995, Precision Crane also installs and services overhead cranes, hoists, and winches.

F&G Cranes

14891 State Highway 205

Terrell, TX 75160

Phone: 1-877-272-6344

Founded in 1987, the overhead crane manufacturer and service specialist designs overhead crane systems and installs them on premises anywhere in the world. Overhead bridge crane options include single girder in either top running or underrunning, and double girder. F&G Cranes, which partnered with GH Cranes & Components in 2015, also custom designs bridge cranes for any production application. Overhead crane services provided include bridge crane system modernizations, crane repairs, OSHA required overhead bridge crane inspections, and crane operator training. The company also stocks a full line of OEM parts for any make and model of overhead cranes and hoists.

Wazee Crane

11575 Teller Street

Broomfield, CO 80020

Phone: 303-623-1736

Serving the Western U.S. for nearly a century the bridge crane manufacturer designs and installs overhead bridge cranes. Overhead cranes are made for light-duty, heavy-duty, or large capacity, with up to 120 ton capabilities and over 100-foot spans. Wazee Crane also sells a complete line of crane hoists, with options including manual, electric, chain, wire rope, and lever. The company also provides 24/7 overhead bridge crane service, as well as crane load tests, overhead crane inspection programs, bridge crane upgrades and modernizations,

Overhead Crane Outlet

1133 East 5th Street

Mishawaka, IN 46544

Phone: 1-800-375-1691

Building cranes since 1947, the Overhead Crane Outlet manufactures overhead bridge cranes in single girder, double girder, and box configurations, with spans up to 150 feet and capacities from 250 pounds to 160 tons. The overhead crane manufacturer also builds workstation bridge cranes in freestanding and ceiling mounted configurations, with spans up to 34 feet and capacities from 250 pounds to 3 tons. The company also supplies crane parts for all major overhead crane manufacturers, and provides a full range of crane services, including overhead crane maintenance and repairs, OSHA overhead crane inspections, overhead bridge crane modernizations, and overhead crane training classes.

CraneWerks, Inc.

511 N. Range Line Road

Morristown, IN 46161

Phone: 1-888-544-2121

Founded in 1997, the crane and hoist distributor carries several types of bridge cranes. Top running bridge crane types, designed for heavier lift, include manual overhead cranes, top running single girder motorized bridge cranes, and top running double girder bridge cranes. Underhung bridge crane types for more versatility include underhung single girder manual bridge cranes and underhung single girder motorized bridge cranes. CraneWerks, Inc. also offers crane runways, hoists, and below the hook devices. Services include bridge crane installations, 24-hour parts locator, on-site crane repair and maintenance, crane training classes, OSHA specified overhead crane inspections, load testing, overhead crane runway and bridge surveys, and overhead crane retrofits.

ACI Hoist & Crane

2721 NE 4th Avenue

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Phone: 1-866-424-6478

The manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and rigging components custom designs and builds overhead crane kits to match your needs and specifications. Options include top running or underrunning bridge cranes built according to your building’s dimensions. Basic overhead crane kits built by ACI Hoist & Crane include a pair of motorized top or underrunning end trucks, an electric wire rope or chain hoist with a motorized trolley, a crane control box with variable frequency drives, a preassembled and prewired C-track festoon system, and a pendant control.


6835 Speedway Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89115

Phone: 702-533-4986

Serving all of Alaska, the representative for Spanco sells the manufacturer’s overhead workstation cranes. Its workstation bridge cranes are available in freestanding or ceiling mounted. In addition, the manufacturer builds custom overhead cranes to meet your facility’s specifications and performance needs.

Ace World

10200 Jacksboro Highway

Fort Worth, TX 76135

Phone: 1-800-431-4223

In business since 1987, the company designs and manufactures all types of overhead cranes for companies throughout the world. No matter the industry or application, Ace World builds custom industrial overhead cranes to meet specific needs. The manufacturer also services its overhead cranes and stocks overhead crane parts. Industrial overhead crane modernizations are also part of the crane services offered.

Aceco American Crane & Equipment Corporation

1440 Ben Franklin Highway

Douglassville, PA 19518

Phone: 1-877-877-6778

With its online catalog, the electric overhead traveling crane manufacturer can serve customers throughout the U.S. and overseas. Overhead crane options include standard single and double girder cranes for all applications and industries. Aceco American Crane & Equipment Corporation also customizes overhead cranes and hoists to lift and move loads in sensitive environments. The company also designs and builds smaller overhead cranes and overhead cranes requiring unique load lifting configurations. Field services are also provided, among them overhead crane and hoist parts, overhead crane upgrades and rebuilds, overhead crane and hoist inspection and load testing services, preventive maintenance programs, overhead crane training, and 24/7/365 on-site service and repair.

TnT Handling USA, Inc.

901 South Bolmar Street, Suite C

West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-701-6350

With nationwide representation, the handling and lifting solutions company supplies freestanding bridge cranes. Founded in 1990, TnT Handling USA, Inc., services general and specialized industries with its bridge crane and hoists products.

British Columbia Overhead Crane Companies Serving Alaska

Hydramach Overhead Crane

7662 Industrial Way

Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2, Canada

Phone: 604-796-9221

The manufacturer of overhead cranes and overhead crane components builds single and double girder overhead cranes, with top running, underrunning, motorized, and hand geared options. Its overhead cranes have up to 50 ton capacities and up to 100 foot spans. Hydramach Overhead Crane also builds custom overhead cranes upon request. Among the overhead crane components it makes are end trucks, wire rope hoists, chain hoists, wheel blocks, crane wheels and overhead crane electrical components, such as bridge control panels, power bar systems, and pendant push buttons.

Cano Cranes & Equipment Ltd.

335 Lynn Avenue North

Vancouver, BC V7J2C4, Canada

Phone: 604-988-1181

Founded in 1975, the overhead crane manufacturer designs, builds, installs, and services overhead cranes and stocks parts for them. Cano Cranes & Equipment Ltd., also provides overhead crane services, including emergency repairs and troubleshooting, overhead crane modernizations, a preventive maintenance and inspection program, OSHA compliance and safety inspections for overhead cranes, and overhead crane operator and service personnel training.

CRS CraneSystems, Inc.

333 Strathmoor Way

Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2K2, Canada

Phone: 1-866-543-8850

Established in 1991, the overhead crane manufacturer and overhead crane service and maintenance company has locations throughout Canada and serves the United States and international countries. It supplies top running single girder cranes, top running double girder cranes, and underrunning single girder cranes in a wide range of capacities and configurations. CRS CraneSystems, Inc., also offers overhead bridge crane services, among them parts for any make of overhead cranes and hoists, modernizations to existing overhead bridge cranes, overhead crane service and maintenance programs, and a certified overhead crane operator training course.

Mussell Crane Manufacturing

620-B Wellington Avenue

Chilliwack, BC V2P 6J1

Phone: 604-792-5023

The aboriginal owned and operated company founded in 1991 designs, fabricates, freights, installs, and services overhead bridge cranes throughout Canada and the United States. Mussell Crane Manufacturing builds custom overhead cranes to your specific needs and applications, with styles that include top running single girder, top running double girder, underrunning single girder, and top under running. The overhead crane manufacturer also provides overhead crane services, including overhead crane replacement parts, overhead crane repairs, overhead crane and hoist inspections, overhead crane operator training, and overhead crane and basic rigging training.

Norelco Cranes

19501 96th Avenue

Surrey, BC Canada V4N 4C5

Phone: 1-800-561-9242

Building cranes to suit your project using computer-aided drafting and design technology, the crane manufacturer supplies either single girder or double girder top running or underslung bridge cranes in a range of lifting capacities and spans. Norelco Cranes also carries overhead bridge crane hoists and runway systems.

Although very few overhead crane companies are actually based in Alaska, the region is well-represented by numerous overhead crane manufacturers, overhead crane representatives, and overhead crane distributors located in the United States and bordering British Columbia.

Many of these companies have a full complement of overhead crane services all under one roof, making it convenient to purchase an overhead crane system and then have it serviced, inspected, and repaired, and your workers trained on operating it with one call to one company.

Despite the challenging logistics presented by Alaska’s terrain, doing business with an overhead crane company is as simple as contacting them.