Overhead Crane Companies in Alabama

Just as the geography of this southeastern U.S. state is diverse, so is the range of overhead crane companies located in Alabama, offering facilities throughout The Heart of Dixie solutions to their overhead material handling needs.

From overhead cranes for any type of industry to a complete material handling system, overhead crane manufacturers in Alabama can design and build to custom specifications.

In addition, overhead crane dealers are located in big cities and small towns throughout The Yellowhammer State, making access to overhead crane services less than an hour away from wherever you are located.

Businesses seeking overhead cranes can choose from long-standing overhead crane companies, family owned and operated overhead crane manufacturers or dealers, overhead crane distributors, or overhead crane sellers in branch offices throughout the state representing well established, out-of-state overhead crane companies.

Likewise, overhead crane services are easily accessible in The Cotton State. Both overhead crane manufacturers and overhead crane distributors service the equipment they sell by providing preventive maintenance programs and repairs, some on a 24/7/365 basis, and carrying overhead crane parts and components.

Many overhead crane companies provide overhead crane operator training on the crane equipment they manufacture or sell, as well as OSHA compliance inspections.

If you’re searching for an overhead crane manufacturer or distributor in Alabama, save time and use the following list, which is a compilation of all the overhead crane companies in Alabama.

Whatever type of overhead crane company you are seeking, this listing provides quick and easy access to finding the best overhead crane company to meet your material lifting needs.

Overhead Crane Companies in Birmingham, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, and Surrounding Area

Hoist & Crane

6283 Park South Drive

Birmingham, AL 35022

Phone: 205-424-5650

Established in 1977, the full-service overhead crane company represents numerous overhead crane manufacturers. It supplies and services top running single girder overhead cranes, top running double girder overhead cranes, under running single girder overhead cranes, custom overhead crane systems, and workstation bridge cranes. Additional services provided by Hoist & Crane are overhead crane engineering, fabrication, and installation; 24/7 overhead crane emergency service; parts and hoists for overhead cranes; overhead crane and hoist inspections, maintenance and load testing; and overhead hoist and crane operator training.

Morris Material Handling

117 Lyon Lane

Birmingham, AL 35211

Phone: 205-943-5734 or 1-800-558-3886

Acquired by Konecranes in 2006, Morris Material Handling provides the P&H brand of industrial cranes and hoists, including overhead cranes. The brand, established in 1884, features the company’s Lifelong Lifting philosophy to manufacture cranes that last a long time, including those built for severe applications or harsh environments. The company’s P&H brand includes single girder under running/slung and top running overhead cranes; double girder under running/slung and top running overhead cranes; and bridge cranes. The company also provides P&H parts, overhead crane service and maintenance programs, as well as overhead crane and hoist training for overhead crane operators, crane maintenance, and overhead crane inspectors.

Warehouse Equipment & Supply Co.

116 West Park Drive

Birmingham, AL 35211

Phone: 205-942-1900 or 1-800-239-3434

Established in 1958, the material handling equipment sales and service company carries bridge cranes in its online catalog. Among the offerings of Warehouse Equipment & Supply Co., are bridge crane and runway systems, bridge crane end truck kits, and stand-alone work area bridge cranes.

Electric Crane & Hoist

634 Woodland Avenue, S.W.

Birmingham, AL 35211

Phone: 205-823-9400 or 1-888-791-9686

The crane company sells overhead bridge cranes that are customized to your exact span and specifications. Electric Crane & Hoist also sells overhead crane kits and overhead crane hoists, components and accessories.


600 Ed Garner Drive

Pell City, AL 35125

Phone: 205-338-8863 or 1-844-268-7055

Providing overhead handling solutions ranging from 50 pounds to 40 tons, the crane manufacturer designs freestanding bridge cranes and ceiling mounted bridge cranes. Specializing in overhead materials since 1977, Gorbel sells its bridge cranes through a network of distributors.

Industrial Crane & Equipment

25 Park Avenue

Hueytown, AL 35023

Phone: 205-317-1305

Serving the Southeast, Industrial Crane & Equipment sells all types of industrial cranes, including overhead cranes. In business for over 25 years, the company designs, fabricates, and installs overhead cranes from one half tons to 80 tons. The overhead crane company is also an authorized distributor for crane hoists.


190 Airpark Industrial Road

Alabaster, AL 35007

Phone: 205-664-2006

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of overhead cranes designs, manufactures, and installs overhead cranes for light industrial to Class F mill duty applications. Custom built to your material handling needs, Deshazo manufactures single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, runway systems, built-up trolley hoists, crane components, and other crane equipment, like under-the-hook attachments. The 24/7/365 company also repairs and carries OEM parts for overhead crane and hoisting equipment of any make and model, and provides on-site inspections, periodic overhead crane maintenance, rebuilds, modernizations, and crane system surveys.

Southeast Crane & Hoist, LLC

7355 Gadsden Highway

Trussville, AL 35173

Phone: 1-866-728-5140

The family owned and operated business provides bridge cranes systems for all types of applications. Among the options are single girder bridge cranes and freestanding runway structures. In addition to overhead crane installation, Southeast Crane & Hoist, LLC carries parts for bridge cranes and provides full-service bridge crane inspections, 24-hour bridge crane service, overhead crane modernizations, and bridge crane certification.

Ace Industries, Inc.

2782 County Highway 11

Pelham, AL 35124

Phone: 205-663-0002

The service branch of the Georgia-based overhead crane manufacturer provides bridge crane systems. Among the product line are top running single girder bridge cranes, under running single girder bridge cranes, double girder bridge cranes, and workstation bridge cranes. Established in 1932, Ace Industries, Inc., which acquired Gaffey Cranes, also offers overhead crane installations and modifications, emergency service, in-house repairs, bridge crane inspections, and crane accessories and components.

Andress Engineering

131 Airpark Industrial Road

Alabaster, AL 35007

Phone: 205-620-9777

The overhead crane distributor works with various overhead crane manufacturers, including DeMag, EMH, and Gorbel, to ensure your overhead crane purchase meets your company’s specific needs. Andress Engineering also sells overhead crane hoists and components.

Alabama Sling Center

4101 Hoke Avenue

Dolomite, AL 35061

Phone: 205-744-0230

As a Mazzella company, Alabama Sling Center works with Progressive Crane, another Mazzella company, to manufacture overhead cranes, from light-duty to heavy-duty. Through its partnership with Mazzella/KCI Crane Service, the company also provides overhead crane services, including overhead crane and runway installations; overhead crane repair and OSHA inspections, overhead crane training; and overhead bridge crane modernizations.

Cahaba Maintenance & Construction Inc.

97 Crane Lane

Calera, AL 35040

Phone: 205-668-1981

Specializing in overhead crane manufacturing and installation, Cahaba Maintenance & Construction, Inc., designs and builds overhead cranes that range from small kit cranes to large overhead cranes with spans over 145 feet and girder weights over 100,000 pounds. It also installs overhead cranes and crane runway structures. Additional services include rebuilds or upgrades of bridge cranes and runway systems, overhead crane load testing, and CMAA compliance testing of overhead crane runways.

Acco Material Handling Solutions

206 Lee Street

Attalla, AL 35954

Phone: 256-538-9983

The material handling company specializes in ready to ship overhead cranes or manufactures customized Louden® and Trambeam® overhead cranes. Options include single girder and double girder overhead cranes in varying spans and ton capacities. Acco Material Handling Solutions also sells overhead crane hoists, parts, and other components.

McKenzie Handling Systems, Inc.

3053 Mountainview Way

Bessemer, AL 35020

Phone: 205-424-4151 or 1-800-476-0256

Incorporated in 1985, the family owned company specializes in installing material handling systems, including overhead cranes. McKenzie Handling Systems, Inc., handles all aspects of the project, from design to installation, and offers overhead cranes from the leading overhead crane manufacturers.

Overhead Crane Companies in Montgomery, Auburn, and Surrounding Area

Southern Handling Systems

2835 Zelda Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

Phone: 334-271-1945 or 1-800-987-7225.

The material handling equipment distributor sells freestanding workstation bridge cranes for lighter duty work. From concept to engineering to installation, the company ensures your workstation is designed to meet your specific material lifting requirements. Southern Handling Systems is a sales representative for several leading bridge crane manufacturers.

Overhead Crane Companies in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and Surrounding Area

Konecranes, Inc.

3084 Finley Island Circle NW

Decatur, AL 35601

Phone: 256-353-3303

Serving Northern Alabama, Konecranes, Inc., services and repairs the industrial overhead cranes and hoists that it sells. Options include chain hoist overhead cranes, wire rope hoist overhead cranes, built-up electric overhead cranes for demanding lifting, custom process overhead cranes, and automated overhead cranes. All of Konecranes, Inc.’s cranes are built with smart features to enhance overhead crane functionality.


1011 Cedar Lake Road SE

Decatur, AL 35603

Phone: 256-355-0800

The overhead crane manufacturer designs, builds, and installs single girdle and double girder overhead cranes for all types of applications in light industrial to Class F mill duty. Deshazo also custom builds overhead cranes to your specifications and provides crane components, under-the-hook attachments, hoists, and other OEM crane parts for any brand of overhead crane. In addition, the crane manufacturer provides 24/7/365 repairs, overhead crane maintenance, on-site overhead crane inspections, and overhead crane modernizations, rebuilds, and overhead crane system surveys.

Ace Industries, Inc.

3158 Highway 20 West, Building #1

Decatur, AL 35601

Phone: 256-306-0236

As the Alabama service branch of the Georgia-based overhead crane manufacturer, Ace Industries, Inc., has been building and installing bridge crane systems since 1932. Having acquired Gaffey Cranes, the company’s product line now includes single girder bridge cranes with top running or under running options, double girder overhead bridge cranes, and workstation bridge crane systems. Additionally, the manufacturer provides emergency bridge crane services, in-house repairs, bridge crane modifications, and bridge crane inspections, and sells a full line of bridge crane components and accessories.

Overhead Crane Companies in Mobile and Surrounding Area

Andress Engineering

854 Lakeside Drive, Suite A

Mobile, AL 36693

Phone: 251-660-8188

As a distributor for major overhead crane manufacturers, like Gorbel, DeMag, and EMH, Andress Engineering sells overhead cranes to meet your company’s needs. Additionally, the distributor sells overhead crane parts, components, and hoists.


1890 Third Street

Mobile, AL 36615

Phone: 251-206-5747

The custom crane company designs and manufactures overhead cranes to meet the needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. Its capabilities include research and development; consulting and feasibility studies; engineering; installation and commissioning; and training and service support. REEL COH also provides overhead crane inspections and repairs, and overhead crane modernization and automation.

Konecranes, Inc.

8724 Rand Avenue

Daphne, AL 36526

Phone: 251-626-5969

The mobile team for overhead crane manufacturer Konecranes sells and services overhead cranes. It also carries overhead crane parts and performs overhead crane inspections and modernizations. In addition, Konecranes, Inc., provides repairs on all makes and models of overhead cranes, as well as emergency repairs on hoists and hoist services.

Ayers USA Cranes

17274 County Road 54

Robertsdale, AL 36567

Phone: 251-929-1773

The crane manufacturer designs workstation bridge cranes and overhead bridge cranes that span to 100 feet and carry up to 100 tons. Ayers USA Cranes also offers parts for all brands of overhead cranes. Other services include preventive maintenance, bridge crane inspections, 24/7/365 emergency service, overhead crane repairs, upgrading and modernization, and training for overhead bridge crane operators and maintenance personnel.


5635 Iron Works Road

Theodore, AL 36582

Phone: 251-408-9595

The overhead crane manufacturer produces single girder and double girder overhead cranes. With its design capabilities, the original equipment manufacturer can custom build overhead cranes to meet your specifications, whether its light industrial or heavy-duty material lifting. Deshazo also provides overhead crane repairs 24/7/365, as well as periodic overhead crane maintenance, overhead crane system surveys, overhead crane inspections, and overhead crane rebuilds and modernizations. The company also stocks OEM parts, components, and attachments for all makes and models of overhead cranes and hoists.

Ace Industries, Inc.

106 Baker Road

Satsuma, AL 36572

Phone: 251-300-8116

The service branch sells and services the overhead bridge crane systems produced by the Georgia-based overhead crane manufacturer and the acquired Gaffey Cranes. The overhead crane products include workstation bridge cranes, top running and under running single girder bridge cranes, and double girder bridge cranes. In business since 1932, Ace Industries, Inc., also provides emergency bridge crane service, bridge crane repairs, crane accessories, and overhead crane inspections. Overhead crane installations and modifications are also part of its overhead crane services.

Overhead Crane Companies in Dothan and Surrounding Area

Konecranes, Inc.

2830 Horace Shepard Drive, Suite 1

Dothan, AL 36303

Phone: 334-984-2200

The service office for Konecranes, Inc., sells and services the manufacturer’s overhead crane and hoist products. Among the services provided by Konecranes, Inc., are overhead crane parts for any make and model, industrial overhead crane repair, overhead crane inspections, and overhead crane modernizations.

Out-of-State Overhead Crane Companies Serving Alabama

Material Handling Systems, Inc.

2741 NE 4th Avenue

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Phone: 251-259-4595 (Mobile, AL branch office)

Serving the material handling industry since 1975, the company designs, manufactures, and installs overhead bridge cranes. Its product line includes single girder bridge cranes and double girder bridge cranes, both available in top running or under running designs. The company also has engineering and manufacturing capabilities to custom fabricate a bridge crane to your specifications. Material Handling Systems, Inc., also offers bridge crane repairs; OSHA compliant bridge crane inspections; load testing and crane runway alignment; overhead crane modernizations; and an overhead crane training programs at your location. A branch office serving southern Alabama is located in Mobile.

Whiting Crane & Railway Services

26000 Whiting Way

Monee, IL 60449

Phone: 1-888-944-8464

In business for over 100 years, the overhead crane manufacturer custom builds and designs double girder top running bridge cranes, medium duty overhead cranes, double trolley overhead cranes, and light-duty overhead cranes in single and double configurations. Additionally, Whiting Crane & Railway Services provides overhead crane services, including overhead crane and hoist parts, overhead crane repairs and modernizations, and overhead crane inspections. A service branch serving the southern region of the United States is located in Birmingham, AL (Phone: 205-428-5430).

Ergonomic Manufacturing Group

591 Union Road

Quakertown, PA 18951

Phone: 1-800-223-6430

Serving the Huntsville, AL, area since 1984, the overhead cranes manufacturer specializes in custom designing overhead cranes to meet your company’s workstation needs. Its full line of workstation bridge cranes are designed to provide a full range of motion while accommodating rectangular work spaces, with options including free standing bridge cranes and bridge crane systems mounted to the ceiling. Ergonomic Manufacturing Group also provides bridge crane parts and components, and bridge crane training at your location.

Cranes International

530 Winkler Drive

Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 678-879-9300 or 1-800-872-0802

Serving the Southeast, the division of USA Crane and Hoist Services, Inc., manufactures overhead bridge cranes, including ergonomic systems. Cranes International has the capacity to manufacture single girder bridge cranes up to 15 tons and double girder bridge cranes up to 60 tons. It also provides overhead crane repairs; 24-hour emergency crane and hoist service; parts, hoists and other components for overhead cranes; bridge crane preventive maintenance; bridge crane load testing; OSHA compliance overhead crane inspections; overhead crane certifications; and training for overhead crane operators.

OMi Crane Systems, Inc.

1515 I-30 Frontage Road

Royse City, TX 75189

Phone: 205-945-3006

The Alabama service office of the Texas-based crane manufacturer sells single girder bridge cranes for lighter capacity applications and double girder bridge cranes for higher capacities. Top running and under running bridge crane options are available. OMi provides 24/7/365 services that include breakdowns and repairs, OSHA inspections, preventive maintenance, modernizations, feasibility studies, and overhead crane training. The manufacturer also provides overhead crane parts and hoists.

Engineered Material Handling (EMH)

2426 Twilight Road

Charlotte, NC 28210

Phone: 330-220-8600, ext. 401

The branch office of the Ohio-based Engineered Material Handling (EMH) serves the overhead crane needs of the state of Alabama. Founded in 1988, the company designs, manufactures, sells, installs, and services its overhead bridge cranes and components. Among its overhead bridge cranes product line are single girder top running bridge cranes, double girder top running overhead bridge cranes, and single girder under running overhead cranes. EMH also builds custom overhead cranes to your specifications. Additionally, the company provides field service and repairs; overhead crane parts; overhead crane load testing; OSHA compliance overhead crane inspections; overhead crane modernizations; and overhead bridge crane training.


581 Hiwassee Dam Access Road

Murphy, NC 28906

Phone: 828-557-8378

The Spanco sales office serving Alabama represents the overhead workstation crane manufacturer. The workstation bridge cranes can manage loads from 250 to 4,000 pounds. Options include ceiling mounted, freestanding, or Spanco’s Alu-Track.

With the comprehensive material handling systems and services they provide, overhead crane companies in Alabama are focused on meeting the needs of the customers they serve. This is evident by the many years in business of a great number of these companies.

Whether you’re looking for an overhead crane to lift large or small loads, the overhead crane companies doing business in Alabama are well versed in the industry. Rely on their expertise when purchasing an in stock overhead crane or having an overhead crane custom built for your specific material lifting application.